Just North of the famous city of Las Vegas is a town all its own. North Las Vegas is a thriving community that has become ideal for both the working professional seeking to commute and families alike. The area has seen a booming 8.5% rise in the value of homes, according to Zillow’s compiled data, making the homes in North Las Vegas very desirable. The area offers a variety of attractions, most desirable being its proximity to all Las Vegas has to offer without the extreme bustle. If you are looking to stake your claim in the area by buying a new home or selling your current castle, the first step is finding a truly excellent realtor®. These four tips will help make finding the perfect agent a breeze!

Let Data Guide You
If you are in the early stages of finding a real estate agent, you make feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry. The Las Vegas area is bursting with great real estate agents. Take advantage of the latest digital platform, Effective Agents, to find a Realtor® in North Las Vegas. The site works solely from collected data and analyzes your information to generate a list of the best-performing agents that have shown proven results for clients with similar needs. This can take a lot of the time and legwork out of the search for an excellent agent. 

Talk with Recent Clients
Real estate agents know the power of a great referral. Typically, agents will come prepared with a list of testimonials or quotes from past clients. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about specific experiences the people had with that agent in the past. It also helps to ask around to your own circle of people to see if they have a great agent they can recommend to you. There’s nothing more powerful than a word-of-mouth referral!

Find a Hyperlocal Agent
It’s important to remember that you’re looking to buy or sell a home in North Las Vegas, not just Las Vegas. You want to seek out a real estate agent that has a wealth of experience in the niche North Las Vegas market and that they don’t simply work there as an extension of the clients they have closer to the Las Vegas area. A truly great North Las Vegas agent will have hyperlocal knowledge about the area that will be crucial to you as you either search for a home or put your current home on the market. You can check zip codes of their past listings to see if they fall in the greater North Las Vegas area. 

Do Your Homework
Lastly, do a little bit of homework on any agent before you commit to working together. You can simply visit the real estate review board’s website and type in that agent’s name to gather a wealth of information. This will show you any disciplinary action that has been taken against that agent. This is also where you will go to verify that your agent is properly licensed and that it is up to date. This may seem like a minor detail, but it can lead to a hassle down the line.


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